Dec 20

Enjoy The Special Tips On Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8’s launch received great attention. HTC Windows Phone 8X and the Nokia Lumia 920 is the popular smart phone. When using mobile phone based on the windows8 platform, which special tips for us?

Tip 1. Editing a photo
Once you’ve taken or downloaded a photo, navigate to the image you want to edit and then hit the symbol that looks like three full stops in the bottom right-hand corner. You’ll then see a number of options, from which you should select ‘edit’. From there you’ll have access to a couple of options: crop, rotate and auto-fix, or Creative Studio.

Select the former and again hit the three full stops (this feature is continually present throughout Windows Phone 8) to reveal ‘save’, ‘rotate’, ‘crop’ and ‘fix’. The rotate tool moves the image 90 degrees each time you hit it. Crop brings up a grid which you can use to the slice and dice your image by moving each of the coloured corners. When you’re happy with your crop, hit the tick, or instead just choose from any one of the predetermined aspect ratios.

Finally, hit auto-fix to see if it improves your photo quality. When images are dark and/or murky, this can prove useful, but the effect can vary from image to image. All that’s left is to save your image, which you’ll find under ‘camera roll’ for future access.

Tip 2. Find out who a song is by
Using Xbox Music and a data connection, Windows Phone 8 can listen to a song and then try and tell you what it is. This is done by pressing the search button at the bottom right and then hit the middle option under whatever image Bing has chosen to display. It’s the one with a musical note. Once pressed, the phone will display ‘listening for music…’. If a song is found, it will then show the artist and the album it’s from, so you can download it there and then. If not, you’ll be presented with the option to try again.

Tip 3. Make tabs more handy
Pop into Internet Explorer and hit the fullstops icon. Scroll down to select ‘settings’, and from here you have the option to adjust a number of features. The one you want is ‘use address bar button for’, which you can select and then pick from the three favourite options — one of which is tabs. If you choose this function, you can jump between tabs without having to go into the options menu.

Tip 4. Creating a room
Nice and simple, this one. Browse to the people hub and the word ‘together’ should appear. From here press the ‘+’ key at the bottom and then select either a room or group. Groups have less functionality, so we’ll concentrate on rooms. Select ‘room’, choose a name and hit the floppy disc save button at the bottom. Windows Phone 8 will now set the room up.

Next, you can press the ‘+’ at the bottom and add people you wish to make comfy in your room. Like with the people list, you can scroll up or down, search a specific name with the search button at the bottom, or press one of the coloured letters to jump to whichever part of the alphabet you want. When you’ve added everyone you want to include, press the tick and your friends will now be alerted of the new room — if they also have Windows Phone 8 devices that is. From here you can then share pictures, chat, make appointments or broadcast your location to everyone inside.

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