Samsung Galaxy S3 and Iphone 5, Which Christmas Gift is Your Desire?

2012 Christmas is coming.  “What gift does Santa Claus will give me this year?” is one of the most asked questions by children. Smart mobile phone is part of the recommendations. There is no doubt that, the most popular smart phone is Samsung Galaxy S3 & Iphone 5 by far. So, which mobile phone is the most recommended Christmas gift? Here, I will do analysis and comparison on two mobile phone from five points

The iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3 are two of the most popular smartphones available, and shoppers can choose either without switching carriers.A year ago it was easier to tell many shoppers to pick the iPhone over the latest Samsung Galaxy S smartphone. But with the new Galaxy S3 shoppers face a much tougher decision, one that comes with a two-year commitment. If you already own an iPhone or an Android device, it’s important to consider the cost of switching to the iPhone or Android. Apps and accessories are not normally compatible with each system, so many current smartphone owners may want to just stick with the type of phone they already own. But if you are trying to choose between the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 on any U.S. carrier, here’s what you need to know about each device.

Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5 Display
The Samsung Galaxy S3 features a 4.8-inch display, compared to the iPhone 5′s 4-inch display. Despite the larger display, the Galaxy S3 itself is not significantly larger than the iPhone 5.The screen size and quality are two of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a smartphone because all the interaction takes place here.The larger display on the Galaxy S3 is better suited for watching movies and mobile gaming, providing a more immersive experience than the iPhone 5.

Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5 Design
Apple designed the iPhone 5 with anodized aluminum and glass, focusing on beveled edges and straight edges while Samsung opted for a plastic design with curves and flowing lines. The iPhone 5 is a definitive upgrade from the iPhone 4S, shrinking to 7.6mm thick and replacing a glass back with metal to improve durability.The iPhone 5 doesn’t offer a user replaceable battery or a additional storage because of the unibody design. This design choice limits expandability, but delivers a solid phone that feels more high-end than the Galaxy S3. The Galaxy S3 features a Gorilla Glass covered display for added strength. The sides and back of the Galaxy S3 are made of plastic, not metal like the iPhone 5. The Galaxy S3 is nice to hold, but it’s not as nice as the iPhone 5 in this area.

Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5 Features
The iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 are well matched on features, but each phone handles some tasks better than others. The Galaxy S3 offers more software control of the camera and allows users to customize Android with new launchers, widgets and themes. The iPhone 5 is in the lead when it comes to Siri and camera quality.
Cameras. The Galaxy S3 offers many more shooting modes than the iPhone 5, including Burst Shot and Best Photo, which can take multiple photos at once, and can select the best out of a group of photos. The Best Face feature should arrive in 2013, which will allow users to pick the best face for each person in a group photo.

S-Voice vs. Siri
The iPhone 5 features voice control with Siri and the Galaxy S3 with S-Voice. Both of these apps are accessible with a button shortcut and can perform similar tasks, but Siri is the winner in terms of usability and reliability. Neither service is perfect, but Siri is a better solution to voice control.

Battery Life
The iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3 can last a full day of use, even with 4G LTE, for most users. During our time with both devices, battery life was close enough that there was no definitive winner, but it’s important to remember that the Galaxy S3 battery is replaceable and there are larger battery options.

Through the analysis above, I believe that you have clear choices.

No matter you choose is iphone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3, there is an important thing you should pay attention to, that’s backup your files in mobile phone from time to time. If delete or format phone’s files by accident, is there any way to recover Samsung Galaxy S3 and or recover iphone?

The answer is YES! Once unexpected things happen, immediately stop with all your mobile phone which stored precious pictures, movies and various files. Excellent data recovery software such as Tenorshare Data Recovery can help you restore Samsung Galaxy in minutes. Be sure to remember, do not write any data into the phone, no mobile phone data recovery software can recover data after writing,  even the god can’t help you!

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