Computer Tricks-Fix Computer Freezes Easily On Your Own

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While on the internet the computer freezes intermittently. The toolbar freezes and everything is locked up. This lasts for a minute and then everything returns to normal. Is the system overloaded or what? I have run the defragementing and all other maintenance programs with no success. Any ideas?

Every single day I read posts about computer freeze. Yes, it can happen that people works even they use them on a daily basis. Today, in this article I’d like to share some effective ways to fix computer freezes.

Blue screen of death,black screen of death,and bootmgr/ntldr is missing are the common issue we meet when using computer. A lot of people like to solve these computer problem with re-install system. This is not a good idea, re-install windows not only too troublesome, but also have no effect sometimes. Here i will recommend a wise solution for windows problem issue, that’s adopt a third-party tool Tenorshare Fix Genius.

What can Tenorshare Fix Genius Do?
Fix Genius allows you to boot up any computer with a bootable CD/DVD/USB, as well as fix computer booting issues, backup & restore Windows system, repair crashed, corrupted Windows, recover lost data, partition or clone disk, find forgotten Windows password & Office product key and do much more under Microsoft WinPE environment. Here, fix computer issues is our point.

How to use Tenorshare Fix Genius to Fix Computer freezes.
Don’t need you very professional, as long as according to the following steps. Note: this way also can fix other computer issue such as black screen of death
Step 1: Create a Boot CD
No matter you are able to boot your computer normally or not, you need to burn a start-up CD or USB. If your system randomly freezes and you can access to system, download, install and run Fix Genius on this computer, and insert the CD/USB to it. Then a user-friendly interface is shown as below. You just need to perform a click of your mouse on the “Burn” button (If you can’t login into system, do this step on a workable computer instead).

fix computer freezes

Step 2: Boot Freezing Computer from CD
If the optical drive is not first in the boot order, your PC will start “normally” (i.e. boot from your hard drive). Therefore, change the boot order in BIOS so CD is listed first. The computer will reboot and will attempt to access to CD.

bios set

Step 3: Fix Freezing Computer
After a while, you will enter a Win PE environment. Launch this software. Go to “Windows Rescue”and select the appropriate solution you need. For each solution, you can get a complete solution for your computer freezes problem. Follow the methods listed under this solution and take measures to get your issues down.

computer freezes

Download Tenorshare Fix Genius from

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