Feb 28

How It’s Possible To Reset Windows 8 Password !

Sometimes you may forget your Windows 7 or Windows XP user login password and then find it’s impossible to start system and log in. This is indeed nothing strange for any computer user. And of course you can find many solutions from the Internet. But today here we are not going to discuss over this, what we will focus on is Windows 8 password reset if you forgot it.

reset windows 8 password

How to reset Windows 8 picture password?
Among the new functions of Windows 8, you will be quite pleased with the new Windows 8 picture password which is created by 3 gestures to protect your Windows 8 device. I’ m sure this new type password will certainly be a popular security feature. Therefore, it’s necessary to talk Windows 8 password picture recovery.
Step1: Click Windows logo button, then give a click on Control Panel icon from Metro screen.
Step2: In the new open window, tap on Users. Then your Windows 8 picture password will be displayed to you.
Step3: Click on Remove button to completely delete the picture password.

Indeed, it’s quite easy to remove Windows 8 password for everyone when it is not lost or forgotten. However, what if you forgot Windows 8 picture password? Some people may use the traditional text password and 4-digit PIN password to reset forgotten Windows 8 picture password. It will work indeed. But what about all the 3 passwords are forgotten too and your Windows 8 machine is totally locked? Well, in this situation, you have to find a professional third-party Windows 8 password recovery tool.

Forgot traditional text password for Windows 8?
After you forgot the Windows 8 picture password, you will be possible to remove it with the traditional text password. However, what if you are so unlucky that even the text password is forgotten too? Well, still no worries. You then can resort to some professional Windows password recovery tools like Windows Password Reset Ultimate to reset Windows 8 password. But you should be very cautious when you are choosing such a tool. Of course, Windows Password Recovery Ultimate is not your only choice, and I just judge from my personal experience that it is a tool which can be trusted and doesn’t like other tools that can cause data lost or hidden virus infections etc. Furthermore, many tools advocates that they are possible to crack or reset any Windows passwords, actually it’s not true. Then, if you are interested in such a magic Windows 8 password reset tool, just visit this site for more information: