Mar 21

How to partition a hard drive windows 7

Separating a giant hard drive into multiple independent partitions makes it more convenient to manage the files stored in it. Such as use one of them for system files, one for storing applications, and others for musics,pictures or our daily data. By storing our data in different partitions allows us easily organize and protect our data, run more than one operating system in a safe way, but also make use of the space effectively. Partition hard drive in windows 7 properly will take more advantages of its speed.
How to partition hard drive

Why we need to partition our hard drive

Some computers come with only a partition on their hard drive, that means we have to store both our data and operating system in the same partition in risk. Then once the system corrupt or we want to boot the computer from a external drive, our data saved in this partition won’t be accessible.

When we need to save a file large in size, but the file system of our partition is NTFS. Then partition a drive which is FAT32 file system is necessary. On the other hand, NTFS file system owns a better performance on data security and the use ratio of space. So it depends on what kind of requirement we have.

For some of us, maybe one day we need to install multiple operating systems(either windows or linux), then more partitions are dispensable to complete it.

Others like different guys have different hobbies on managing data or because of else factor. All of these are original to the requirement to partition hard drive or remove partitions on hard drive.

Tips to partition hard drive in windows 7 or xp

Maybe it is a problem to partition hard drivefor someone who knows little about computer. As a matter of fact, it is so easy to accomplish such an issue. Just try the following solutions:

For windows 7 users:

1. Open the Computer management utility and launch Windows 7 Disk management.

2.Choose GPT if your hard drive is as large as 2T or more, others choose MBR when the Initialize Disk window comes up.

3.Locate the hard drive which you are going to partition from the graphical drive map.

4.Right click anywhere on the space unalloctaed and then choose New Simple Volume.

5. After the above step there would appear a wizard, and you only need to follow it step by step and complete the whole process. A new partition will be created at the end of these steps.

For all windows: all-in-one and the most efficient solution

At this section, you need to download Windows Boot Genius from the official site and install it into your computer. Windows Boot Genius is a multifunctional windows tool could be used to recover any data mistakenly deleted, reset windows administrator’s password when you forget it, fix all computer errors and even partition hard drive,partition external hard drive,partition editor,hide partition,split partition,create partition,merge partition,delete partition and change file system, etc. It can really give you a great hand when the computer issues occur.
windows boot genius

Step 1. Launch Windows Boot Genius and create a bootable disc after insert a cd or usb drive

step 2. Set computer boot from usb drive or CD Rom

step 3. Start to partition hard drive step by step with wizard shows.

That is such effective and easy-to-use solution, and it is also available to partition hard drive windows xp. I hope my sharing can be helpful for anyone in need.

Dec 07

Fix Blue Screen of Death When Start Up Problem

I shut down the computer yesterday, today when I started it it will run till the windows boot screen, when the bar reaches the end the screen will stay black and nothings happens. I tried to boot in safe mode but after loading the drivers it just stays there as well and wont go on with the boot. I wanted to repair the system with the Windows XP CD-ROM but I’m not given the option to repair. After it starts all the devices needed, i’m presented with the partitions I have on my PC to choose in which to install windows, if I pick one I can format and install or just install.Is there a way to run a repair or a scandisk to try and solve the blue screen of death when start up problem ?

When come across blue screen of death on start up, the first thing we do is find a way to repair windows.
Your last resort is the Windows XP CD which has a very useful tool called Recovery Console.
First boot from the Windows XP CD by inserting it in the optical drive and rebooting the computer. You will see the standard Windows XP setup screen loading – proceed till you come to the Welcome to the Setup menu.
Hit R to start up the Recovery Console and press the corresponding number to select the operating system (usually 1 if you only have a single operating system) you wish to repair.
At this point you will be expected to enter the administrator password.
The partition boot sector and the master boot record are essential for Windows to boot. If they become damaged by virus or configuration changes, windows won’t start up.
Fixing the partition boot sector is easy as the built-in fixboot utility will help you write a new partition boot sector and overwrite the existing one which should solve any damage to this part of the system.
Type “fixboot” and press Enter and wait for the process to complete before you restart the system.
If you suspect the master boot record is also damaged then you can also fix it through another command – Fixmbr.
If you have only one drive, type “Fixmbr\Device\HardDisk0″ and this should do the trick.

The method above can help to fix some windows problem as BOOTMGR is missing on start up or NTLDR is missing on start up .If you think the above method is very complex, I suggest you find a professional people to repair you windows. In fact, solve computer won’t boot issue just an easy thing, if you take your heart to do.

Besides, if you want to re-install windows directly, but want to know how to recover data when windows won’t start, check out ” How to backup data when windows won’t boot