Oct 19

Little Known Ways to Photo Recovery

I believe everyone’s computer will have a folder that save some photos you deemed important, if some day, other person use your computer, and delete this folder, even worse, they empty the computer’s Recycle Bin. What will you do?
Well, when I deleted the photos I do not want to , I have no choice but to find the solution by myself. I entered “retrieve photos”  into google? I see tons of results. Almost all of the recommendations is adopt photo recovery software. And so many softwares that I’m not sure which one can help me. Even worse, the prerequisite use recovery software is after deleted files, it can’t be written by further data, and Alice’s computer have been used.
In desperation, I decided give up. At this time, my friend Tony called me. I told him what a such bad thing I came across now, Tony asked me if my Canon camera had been written data. Fortunately, I haven’t used my camera yet. Then, Tony recommended me a tool called Tenorshare Data Recovery, just need download from it’s offical webside and install it  on the computer. He told me first I should take my Canon camera memory card out and put into a card reader, connect with the computer. Open this software , choose “Deleted  Recovery”, it spend few minutes scan my camera memory card, then all my lost photos can be list. Last, choose the photos I need , just click “Ok”, they will be back soon. I follow the instructions of  Tony, 5 minutes, my precious photos back again, fantastic!!! Thanks to Tony, thanks to this photo recovery software.It method below not only work on computer, but can help you recover photos from memory card
If you still can’t find a good way to retrieve images, the above experience hope can help you too.
Of course, I think there are still many other good methods to recover pictures. If you get one, you also can share your tip as me.