How to Fix Black Screen of Death

This is entirely my fault and I should be slapped for being so dumb, but I got impatient with a flash drive that hangs. I have a Rosehill USB 3.0 card installed on the W7 64 bit PC and have a USB hub run from the card. I was transferring a video to a flash drive inserted into the hub and it was taking forever, the time remaining indicated 3 hours…well I was hoping to do the transfer quickly as I needed to get to work…as no progress was being made I clicked on cancel and it hung there for a while and finally I just pulled the stick from the hub.That might have been a bad mistake because the screen immediately went black and rebooting brought me around to the same black screen. Nothing comes up, I mean nothing. The PC is running when I reboot but there is nothing on the screen.
Is there a way into the OS other than an old rescue disk I have?

Any Windows owner is familiar with the Blue Screen of Death, that much-dreaded white text on a blue background that essentially says you’re through. But what you may not know is that there’s a new contender in town: the Black Screen of Death. So, is there any way for us to solve this problem? The answers is Yes! Tenorshare Fix Genius has been successfully done. Next, I will detailed about how to do.

Step 1: Create a Boot Disk

This program doesn’t offer a trial version. You need to purchase it. Then you will receive an Email with download link and license from. Download, install, and run it on a bootable computer if your computer won’t boot. Connect your CD/DVD/USB to your computer. This application checks the CD/DVD drive or USB drive automatically. Just hit “Burn” to create a bootable disk.

Step 2: Boot Your Computer from CD/DVD/USB

Fix Genius provides you a solution to fix computer black screen under Windows Win PE technology. Therefore, no matter your computer appears black screen before, after or at the moment you enter into the loading bar, let your computer boot from CD/DVD/USB.

Step 3: Fix Computer Black Screen
It’ll take you a few minutes to load into the system. When you’re in, run this black screen of death fixing tool and go to the “Windows Rescue”, choose the solution which best describe your symptoms and follow each tools one by one until you completely combat computer black screen error.

With three simple steps, you are able to restore windows successfully and immediately.
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