Dec 27

Restore Samsung Galaxy By Using These Data Recovery Ideas

Samsung has long been one of the big players in the smartphone market, and continue to give Apple and Nokia fierce competition. One thing that Samsung have always tried to do is offer a product that looks bigger and better as soon as you see it, and the Galaxy S III doesn’t do any different. This is a large phone with a great big screen that strikes you as soon as you lay eyes on it.

However, the Galaxy S III isn’t just bigger, it’s meant to have the technology inside to back it up. Offering more power than any previous Samsung phone, the S III aims to offer the complete smartphone experience.

However, the most powerful mobile phone also has its disadvantages. For example, when you deleted or format you samsung phone by mistake, it can’t recover deleted photos from samsung galaxy by itself. But do not need to worry. We can use third party software to recover the missing document

Firstly and the most importantly, when your operating system deletes a file, all it really does is mark the space on your hard drive that your file occupies as free space. It’s still there, but your mobile phone is now perfectly happy to write new data on top of it—at which point the file recovery process becomes a lot more difficult. That means you should do as little data as possible until you find the file you’re looking for, since every time you save a new file—every time your mobile phone writes information to your hard drive—your chances of recovering the file go down.

Below I will show how to recover samsung galaxy with 3 easy steps

Step 1: Select the Drive
For retrieving images from samsung galaxy, you need to connect your phone to your computer before launch this program. Then run this program, all the drives (including portable devices) will be displayed on the interface. Select the one where you lost images, and choose “Photo”. Then click “Scan”.

Step 2: Preview & Select Deleted Images
For seconds, it lists all the recovered images on this drive. All the images are categorized by format, so you can find the ones you need to recover. Moreover, you can preview them to check whether they are your need by highlighting each respectively. Select them and click “Recover”.

Step 3: Save Retrieved Images
In this step, you need to select a directory to save the recovered pictures. You are forbidden to save them to the partition where you lost your pictures before.

Notice– before restore samsung galaxy, it is highly recommended not to save or edit data on your Android phone memory in case data overwritten may happen.

Dec 20

Enjoy The Special Tips On Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8’s launch received great attention. HTC Windows Phone 8X and the Nokia Lumia 920 is the popular smart phone. When using mobile phone based on the windows8 platform, which special tips for us?

Tip 1. Editing a photo
Once you’ve taken or downloaded a photo, navigate to the image you want to edit and then hit the symbol that looks like three full stops in the bottom right-hand corner. You’ll then see a number of options, from which you should select ‘edit’. From there you’ll have access to a couple of options: crop, rotate and auto-fix, or Creative Studio.

Select the former and again hit the three full stops (this feature is continually present throughout Windows Phone 8) to reveal ‘save’, ‘rotate’, ‘crop’ and ‘fix’. The rotate tool moves the image 90 degrees each time you hit it. Crop brings up a grid which you can use to the slice and dice your image by moving each of the coloured corners. When you’re happy with your crop, hit the tick, or instead just choose from any one of the predetermined aspect ratios.

Finally, hit auto-fix to see if it improves your photo quality. When images are dark and/or murky, this can prove useful, but the effect can vary from image to image. All that’s left is to save your image, which you’ll find under ‘camera roll’ for future access.

Tip 2. Find out who a song is by
Using Xbox Music and a data connection, Windows Phone 8 can listen to a song and then try and tell you what it is. This is done by pressing the search button at the bottom right and then hit the middle option under whatever image Bing has chosen to display. It’s the one with a musical note. Once pressed, the phone will display ‘listening for music…’. If a song is found, it will then show the artist and the album it’s from, so you can download it there and then. If not, you’ll be presented with the option to try again.

Tip 3. Make tabs more handy
Pop into Internet Explorer and hit the fullstops icon. Scroll down to select ‘settings’, and from here you have the option to adjust a number of features. The one you want is ‘use address bar button for’, which you can select and then pick from the three favourite options — one of which is tabs. If you choose this function, you can jump between tabs without having to go into the options menu.

Tip 4. Creating a room
Nice and simple, this one. Browse to the people hub and the word ‘together’ should appear. From here press the ‘+’ key at the bottom and then select either a room or group. Groups have less functionality, so we’ll concentrate on rooms. Select ‘room’, choose a name and hit the floppy disc save button at the bottom. Windows Phone 8 will now set the room up.

Next, you can press the ‘+’ at the bottom and add people you wish to make comfy in your room. Like with the people list, you can scroll up or down, search a specific name with the search button at the bottom, or press one of the coloured letters to jump to whichever part of the alphabet you want. When you’ve added everyone you want to include, press the tick and your friends will now be alerted of the new room — if they also have Windows Phone 8 devices that is. From here you can then share pictures, chat, make appointments or broadcast your location to everyone inside.

Tip 5. Easy perform windows phone data recovery.
Once you accidentally deleted in the inside of the cell phone photos, songs, video, don’t worry, it’s easy to get your data back. Be sure that when the accident happened, please stop your Windows Phone, if you continue to use mobile phone, it will cause part of the data forever lost. Nowdays so many data recovery companies provides data recovery software. You should compare the rate and choose a best one according to your requirements. To recover data for windows phone 8 , I recommend Tenorshare, a useful and affordable repair software. And want to know how to recover windows phone data for mac, check out :

Dec 14

Samsung Galaxy S3 and Iphone 5, Which Christmas Gift is Your Desire?

2012 Christmas is coming.  “What gift does Santa Claus will give me this year?” is one of the most asked questions by children. Smart mobile phone is part of the recommendations. There is no doubt that, the most popular smart phone is Samsung Galaxy S3 & Iphone 5 by far. So, which mobile phone is the most recommended Christmas gift? Here, I will do analysis and comparison on two mobile phone from five points

The iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3 are two of the most popular smartphones available, and shoppers can choose either without switching carriers.A year ago it was easier to tell many shoppers to pick the iPhone over the latest Samsung Galaxy S smartphone. But with the new Galaxy S3 shoppers face a much tougher decision, one that comes with a two-year commitment. If you already own an iPhone or an Android device, it’s important to consider the cost of switching to the iPhone or Android. Apps and accessories are not normally compatible with each system, so many current smartphone owners may want to just stick with the type of phone they already own. But if you are trying to choose between the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 on any U.S. carrier, here’s what you need to know about each device.

Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5 Display
The Samsung Galaxy S3 features a 4.8-inch display, compared to the iPhone 5′s 4-inch display. Despite the larger display, the Galaxy S3 itself is not significantly larger than the iPhone 5.The screen size and quality are two of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a smartphone because all the interaction takes place here.The larger display on the Galaxy S3 is better suited for watching movies and mobile gaming, providing a more immersive experience than the iPhone 5.

Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5 Design
Apple designed the iPhone 5 with anodized aluminum and glass, focusing on beveled edges and straight edges while Samsung opted for a plastic design with curves and flowing lines. The iPhone 5 is a definitive upgrade from the iPhone 4S, shrinking to 7.6mm thick and replacing a glass back with metal to improve durability.The iPhone 5 doesn’t offer a user replaceable battery or a additional storage because of the unibody design. This design choice limits expandability, but delivers a solid phone that feels more high-end than the Galaxy S3. The Galaxy S3 features a Gorilla Glass covered display for added strength. The sides and back of the Galaxy S3 are made of plastic, not metal like the iPhone 5. The Galaxy S3 is nice to hold, but it’s not as nice as the iPhone 5 in this area.

Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5 Features
The iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 are well matched on features, but each phone handles some tasks better than others. The Galaxy S3 offers more software control of the camera and allows users to customize Android with new launchers, widgets and themes. The iPhone 5 is in the lead when it comes to Siri and camera quality.
Cameras. The Galaxy S3 offers many more shooting modes than the iPhone 5, including Burst Shot and Best Photo, which can take multiple photos at once, and can select the best out of a group of photos. The Best Face feature should arrive in 2013, which will allow users to pick the best face for each person in a group photo.

S-Voice vs. Siri
The iPhone 5 features voice control with Siri and the Galaxy S3 with S-Voice. Both of these apps are accessible with a button shortcut and can perform similar tasks, but Siri is the winner in terms of usability and reliability. Neither service is perfect, but Siri is a better solution to voice control.

Battery Life
The iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3 can last a full day of use, even with 4G LTE, for most users. During our time with both devices, battery life was close enough that there was no definitive winner, but it’s important to remember that the Galaxy S3 battery is replaceable and there are larger battery options.

Through the analysis above, I believe that you have clear choices.

No matter you choose is iphone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3, there is an important thing you should pay attention to, that’s backup your files in mobile phone from time to time. If delete or format phone’s files by accident, is there any way to recover Samsung Galaxy S3 and or recover iphone?

The answer is YES! Once unexpected things happen, immediately stop with all your mobile phone which stored precious pictures, movies and various files. Excellent data recovery software such as Tenorshare Data Recovery can help you restore Samsung Galaxy in minutes. Be sure to remember, do not write any data into the phone, no mobile phone data recovery software can recover data after writing,  even the god can’t help you!

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Dec 07

Fix Blue Screen of Death When Start Up Problem

I shut down the computer yesterday, today when I started it it will run till the windows boot screen, when the bar reaches the end the screen will stay black and nothings happens. I tried to boot in safe mode but after loading the drivers it just stays there as well and wont go on with the boot. I wanted to repair the system with the Windows XP CD-ROM but I’m not given the option to repair. After it starts all the devices needed, i’m presented with the partitions I have on my PC to choose in which to install windows, if I pick one I can format and install or just install.Is there a way to run a repair or a scandisk to try and solve the blue screen of death when start up problem ?

When come across blue screen of death on start up, the first thing we do is find a way to repair windows.
Your last resort is the Windows XP CD which has a very useful tool called Recovery Console.
First boot from the Windows XP CD by inserting it in the optical drive and rebooting the computer. You will see the standard Windows XP setup screen loading – proceed till you come to the Welcome to the Setup menu.
Hit R to start up the Recovery Console and press the corresponding number to select the operating system (usually 1 if you only have a single operating system) you wish to repair.
At this point you will be expected to enter the administrator password.
The partition boot sector and the master boot record are essential for Windows to boot. If they become damaged by virus or configuration changes, windows won’t start up.
Fixing the partition boot sector is easy as the built-in fixboot utility will help you write a new partition boot sector and overwrite the existing one which should solve any damage to this part of the system.
Type “fixboot” and press Enter and wait for the process to complete before you restart the system.
If you suspect the master boot record is also damaged then you can also fix it through another command – Fixmbr.
If you have only one drive, type “Fixmbr\Device\HardDisk0″ and this should do the trick.

The method above can help to fix some windows problem as BOOTMGR is missing on start up or NTLDR is missing on start up .If you think the above method is very complex, I suggest you find a professional people to repair you windows. In fact, solve computer won’t boot issue just an easy thing, if you take your heart to do.

Besides, if you want to re-install windows directly, but want to know how to recover data when windows won’t start, check out ” How to backup data when windows won’t boot